Myths and Facts


1) Domestic violence usually only happens in married adult couples. Fact/Myth

2) Boyfriends and girlfriends sometimes push each other around when they get angry, but it rarely results in anyone getting seriously hurt. Fact/Myth

3) Most people will end a relationship if their boyfriend/girlfriend hits them. Fact/Myth

4) People abuse their partners because they can’t control their anger. Fact/Myth

5) If a person is really being abused, it’s easy to just leave. Fact/Myth

6) Most rapes are committed by strangers who attack women at night. Fact/Myth

7) People who are abused often blame themselves for their abuse. Fact/Myth

8) Men are never victims of sexual violence. Fact/Myth

9) If the victim was drunk, using drugs or acting flirtatious, he/she was asking for it. Fact/Myth

10) Sexual harassment is just joking around and should not be taken seriously by schools.


1) Myth. As many as one-third of all high school and college-age young people experience violence in an intimate or dating relationship. Physical abuse is as common among high school and college-age couples as married couples.

2) Myth. Domestic violence is the number one cause of injury to women between the ages of 15-44 in the U.S.- more than car accidents, mugging, and rapes combined. Of the women murdered each year in the U.S., 30% are killed by their current or former husband or boyfriend.

3) Myth. FACT: Nearly 80% of girls who have been physically abused in their intimate relationships continue to date their abuser after the onset of violence.

4) Myth. FACT: People who abuse do it to gain power and control over the other person. They often use different tactics besides violence, including threats, intimidation, emotional abuse and isolation to control their partners.

5) Myth. FACT: There are several reasons that make it difficult for someone to leave an abusive partner. One of the biggest reasons is fear- women who leave their abusers are at a 75% greater chance of being killed by the abuser than those who stay.

6) Myth. FACT: About 80% of rapes and sexual assaults are committed by a partner, friend or acquaintance of the victim.

7) Most people who are abused blame themselves for causing the violence. However, the fact is that No One is ever to blame for another person’s violence.

8) Myth. FACT: Both men and women may be perpetrators or victims of sexual assault. Unfortunately male victims rarely seek help, due to embarrassment and the fear that they will mot be taken seriously.

9) Myth. FACT: Inability to give consent is not “asking for it.” No One deserves to be or asks to be sexually assaulted. Forcing sexual contact on someone without their consent is against the law.

10) Myth. FACT: 85% of all girls and 76% of boys report having been sexually harassed at school. Both state and federal law prohibits sexual harassment in schools.

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