Physical abuse is any behavior that is meant to cause hurt to another person’s body or to control another person’s physical freedom or movement.

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Physical Abuse Behaviors
Have Done This
Been Done to Me
Pushing or Shoving
Pulling Hair
Holding someone down, blocking doorway
Throwing objects at another person
Use of weapons to hurt or threaten someone
Arm twisting
Carrying someone against their will
Trapping someone in a room or car
Abandoning someone in an unsafe place
Grabbing someone by arm so they do not leave
Hiding car keys, shoes, clothes, or money
Standing in front of car so person cannot leave
Sabotaging car to prevent person from leaving
Refusing to help someone when sick/injured
Following or stalking

Physical abuse can cause great bodily harm and even death. If your partner is physical with you, the chances of it happening again are great. Your partner may say things like, “It will never happen again,” “I wouldn’t have hit you if I hadn’t been drinking,” “I’ll get help.” These are all tactics to get you to stay in the relationship.

If you are being physically abused, please call Advocates of Ozaukee at
the numbers below.

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