Presentations are geared for specific age groups but can be modified to fit any age from fourth grade on up to adults. Presentations can also be made longer or shorter depending on time available. All of these presentations can be done as in-services for school professionals, health professionals, counselors, youth workers, day care workers etc.

Bullying/Teasing: Specific age group: Fifth/Sixth graders. This interactive presentation teaches children about how bullying affects all children, how they can keep themselves safe and allows for them to come up with their own personal solutions. Length: 50 minutes, can include a follow up session with solutions to bullying.

Sexual Harassment vs. Flirting: Specific Age group: 8th grade and older. This presentation allows children to discuss the difference between flirting behaviors and harassing behaviors. Students will learn about the seriousness of the issue and ways to protect themselves. Length: 50-60 minutes.

Healthy Relationships: Specific Age Group: 7th grade and older. This presentation allows students to discuss the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. Students will learn about how emotional and verbal abuse can become just as dangerous as physical abuse. Length: 50-60 minutes.

Sexual Assault Laws and Protection Against Sexual Abuse: Specific Age Group: High School Age and older. This presentation talks about the sexual assault laws and statistics for sexual assault in the state of Wisconsin. This presentation will also discuss signs of someone who has been sexually assaulted, how to help them, and how to protect yourself from a sexual assault. Length: 50-60 minutes.

Domestic Violence and its Affects on Children: Specific Age Group: Adults. This presentation discusses how abuse between two adults can greatly affect the children in the home. This presentation looks at how professionals can work with children who come from violence homes. Can be done following domestic violence presentation.
Length: 50-60 minutes.

To schedule a presentation or for more information, please contact the Outreach Services Director at Advocates of Ozaukee at 1-877-375-4034.

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