Sexual abuse is any sexual behavior that is forced, coerced or manipulated. Sexual abuse can be physical, verbal or emotional.

Sexual Abuse Behaviors
Have Done This
Been Done to Me
Threatening to break up if refuse sexual acts
Threatening to hurt them if refuse sexual acts
Lying to get them to agree to sexual acts
Ripping or tearing at someone's clothes
Unwanted grabbing or touching at intimate body parts
Forcing someone to take off his/her clothes
Physically forcing someone into any kind of sexual act
Sex while person is too drunk/high to make decision
Forcing someone into sexual acts with a third person
Forcing someoen to watch sex between others
Taking pictures/videos of someone undressing without their consent
Any sexual activity between an adult and child or child and much younger child
Rape with an object
Sex that hurts
Withholding sex as a way of manipulating someone into doing what you want
Making partners dress in a sexier way or less sexy way

Advocates of Ozaukee provides a variety of sexual assault services including: shelter, one-on-one counseling, support groups, 24 hour crisis line, legal and medical advocacy.

If you or someone you know has been or is being sexually abused, please call Advocates of Ozaukee at any of the numbers below.

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